Jimmy Loram is a TV Host, Actor, Warm Up DJ, MC & More!


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Currently:  OC Trivia LIVE! ~ Host & Producer

Playful, funny, and a big geek.  That’s what you get when Jimmy hosts a show.  Great with people–and without–Jimmy adds his own goofy bits to whatever project he’s on.

Background:  Born on John Lennon’s birthday to his parents John & Yoko (seriously!), Jimmy escaped Detroit to study Radio/TV/Film Writing & Production at Cal State Long Beach. From there, he established himself as a high-energy, over-the-top DJ & host throughout So Cal, performing at events for Two & A Half Men, Mike & Molly, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, and more.

Working with kids became a calling as he worked with Kidz Sports Zone, the “ESPN for kids” on the web. Adding audience warm up to his stable of talents was second nature, using interactive games, music, and of course humor! With a wide array of talents, Jimmy can host ANYTHING and adds his sometimes sarcastic but always affable and professional personality to every project.

Oh, there’s more, but this descriptive monolith might become larger than Jimmy’s persona. And Jimmy can’t have that.

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@Rosie909294 @StillLes4Hill JOE: "You won $10k Jack!" JACK: "But I could have won $100K. Damn I lost $90K!" #ChangeYourView

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It’s all about the SHOW!  And Jimmy understands that.  He loves that he gets to entertain audiences using interactive games and challenges, music and dance, and the funny stuff, all while being part of the background fabric of a show.  The show is the “Star” and Jimmy makes sure the audience knows that and focuses on all the things that make a live audience WORK for the SHOW.

As a DJ for the audience warm up guy, Jimmy really does what he can to help make the warm up guy shine.  He works hand in hand with the MC, following his lead, always alert to changes and shifts in the act, reading the crowd, and using sound effects and high energy music to aide in keeping the level of excitement peaked but not overbearing.

 Jimmy has worked as warm up on various shows, tapings, and projects throughout Hollywood and Orange County as a warm up and as a warm up DJ.  The best of both worlds!

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It all started with the History Channel TV show called Foot Soldier: Egyptians.  Jimmy played the main comedic foot soldier, sleeping on the job, goofing off with his soldier buddy, and delicately dipping bread in beer.

From there, Jimmy appeared in a couple of movies such as Volcano and Liar, Liar, but his true excitement for acting always went back to that TV show.

He most recently appeared on Community as a teacher and is constantly booking gigs in commercial acting and industrial projects.  His last corporate project for Microsoft as a Skills For Life teacher was a huge success for that educational program.  He certainly isn’t afraid to over-act whenever needed.

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Voice-overs are a natural for Jimmy as he’s been on the mic for over 25 years.  He’s been doing commercial voice-over and lending his vocal talents to radio stations like KBRT-AM and KIIS-FM.

He most recently co-hosted a radio show about eating right, losing weight, and getting in shape on Mind, Body, and Soul Radio.

Whether he’s dropping in some crazy random accent or he’s simply having a conversation on air with you, his versatile voice is always more interesting than “Bueller?  Bueller?”  Right?

You can hear more of Jimmy’s Voice Over Work Here.



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Working as a DJ, MC, and event planner has been an incredible career for Jimmy Loram. Through his company, Last Dance entertainment, he has provided his unique and fun services to hundreds of extremely happy brides and grooms, along with entertaining thousands at a variety of other events.

He recently handled the Christmas party entertainment needs for Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, and more Hollywood events.

Jimmy continues to help couples create awesome, once-in-a-lifetime events.  And his special event clients continue to have incredibly fun and interactive celebrations.

You can learn more at http://lastdance.net or his DJ MC Page By Clicking Here.



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Jimmy Loram is a TV Host, Actor, Warm Up DJ, MC & More!

  1. Absolutely brilliant! This truly puts across your personality and who you are as a host and an on-camera entity. This is incredibly important when casting. It is horrible when an image put forth does not represent who the actor or personality really is! Perhaps a move to the UK is in order for you? You will succeed, it’s just a matter of time. I am “pre-congratulating” you on your success.

    • jimmyloram says:

      Wow…thank you so MUCH Catherine! You don’t know what it means to aspiring TV hosts and actors to hear such things. All those things you mentioned is what I tried to put into the site. Again, thank you. I’m going to go jump on some clouds now.

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