A Flattering (And Humbling) Review Of Jimmy Loram’s Audiobook October’s November

October's November, James LoramAs the purveyor of October’s November, I’ve seen some critical, flattering, and even downright unwarranted vicious reviews of my book.  I am extremely appreciative of the time and effort people take and make to put their thoughts into words (except the angry bitter children spewing their vitriol, of course).  I wanted to share a review from Lindsey.  She wan’t 100% happy with the book, but…damn, close enough for me!  THIS is the kind of reader I wrote this book for…Lindsey, whoever and wherever you are, thank you for your encouragement!

“Deep and Moving Book, Horror to Humor, Emotional!”

First of all, I don’t think it’s fair to leave a review (especially a negative one) after admittedly listening to only 10% of the book! VERY unfair. And the first review is fake and should be removed.

Secondly, this is not an “easy” book, like a Young Adult novel or some Zombie story. It’s fairly complex–it’s challenging and I really liked that about it. For a first time novel, James was quite ambitious by threading at least three different narratives that actually all tie together at the end.

There’s main story, where October meets the girl, loses the girl, then tries to save the girl. Then there’s the background story, which goes into how October gained his ability…I guess that’s kind of part of the main story, too, but there’s enough going on that it’s got it’s own story. Also, the freaky happenings with his mother! That came out of nowhere and I was intrigued by her story too. The creepy guy, Karl, had his own little story, too…

All in all, there’s a lot going on. This is why I feel like this book should have been a lot longer! I feel like he might have thinned it out to please the masses who aren’t used to this level of story complexity. It still doesn’t take away from how much I loved this book.

I absolutely loved the creation of Hannah’s song, She Falls. It was like being in a song writer’s head as he’s creating–so cool! And the fact that at the end of the book, the songs are actually real…Seriously, wow. There’s a closing song called I Will Stay (?) and 2 versions of She Falls.

I liked the narration, but I feel like James’ take on some voices came of a little too caricature-like. Adding in the echoes for the inner-thoughts was a nice touch. (Yes, I GOT that, LOL…past tense for most narration, but present tense when inside their heads). Gave some immediacy to parts of the book. Special effects weren’t overbearing and I would have liked a little more. I’m sure his next book, he’ll get the acting down, ha ha.

Characters were fun to get to know, and like he said in the epilogue, I did kind of love them at the end. I really liked Detective Foster and could see him as a lead character in his own book!

There were a lot of emotional raw moments throughout the book. Many touched me, but some missed the mark, but I will chalk that up to personal bias. I loved Hannah’s strength and the twist how even though he’s trying to save her, she is the one who really saves him (you’ll see!). And the last chapter…the one where Hannah finally hears her song…Oh, man, I have already listened to that one 3 times over! Yep, I love a good cry.

In the end, I really liked this story a lot. Yes, it was a little too heavy on flashbacks, but he never lost me–challenge me! I can keep up! I’ve never listened to an audiobook like this before and I look forward to hearing more from this author.

UGH. Tears in my eyes…

~Author James Loram

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A Scary and Unique Audiobook Experience | October’s November by James Loram

Amazing Audiobook, Great audiobook, Scary audiobook

My first full length novel!

It’s 2017 and what a great way to kick off the new year:  I’ve just released my first feature length novel!  It has been years in the making, but I am proud to finally have my novel completed.  There is an ebook, paperback, and audiobook version.  No matter how you enjoy reading your books, there is a version for you.  However, I would highly recommend the audiobook version.  Why?  Let me tell you…

Original Music

First and foremost, this book is about music and how it affects us every day.  References to The Beatles are prominent, but other songs, lyrics, and artists are strewn throughout. The most uncommon element to the book is the creation of a complete song as the narrative moves along.  I’ve never seen (or heard of) this happening in a book.  Although the genre labeling for this book is most likely October’s November suspense novel or October’s November supernatural novel, the tune is a romantic ballad!  Along with experiencing the creation of the song, She Falls, you also get to hear two versions of it at the end of the book; an acoustic version, similar to how the lead character October would perform it, and a full band studio recording.

Special Effects and Supernatural Sounds

Since I am a musician and a DJ and an MC (not that the MC part matters, but it’s difficult for me to not mention it!), I have spent a lot of time in the audio editing bay.  I happen to have acquired some skills in that department.  After recording several other books, including Don Carina: World War II Heroine, I realized how amazing adding some special effects could be…especially with my story.

As I began recording the audio version of October’s November, I found many opportunities to embellish the straight narration.  I decided to keep it minimal, as tons of effects and crazy background noise could be distracting–and eventually downright irritating.  So, as you listen, you will find some chapters with no effects or music at all.  And those chapters that do have effects, they are kept to a minimum as not to distract too much from the narrative.  Sound effects and echo-filled voices are not the frosting to this cake, they are the bright and tasty sprinkles.  Too much, they ruin the dessert and too little, they don’t really have an impact.

Audiobook Music Bed – A Touch Here And There

A few times, throughout the composition, I recorded some quiet acoustic versions of songs referred to in the book.  Edwin McCain’s I Could Not Ask For More and especially Sarah McLachlan’s Angel are featured in the story–and gently mixed in under the narration.  Just a tiny portion of each though as to avoid those pesky copyright issues.  I even dropped in teeny tiny snippets of a few of those freaky Beatles songs.  It confuses me how a music group could put out She Loves You and Revolution 9 all within a career!

If you find music creation interesting or if music simply plays an important role in your life, I believe you will find this audiobook incorporates that concept into the overall theme.  Listening to the October’s November audiobook is a very different experience compared to reading it.  Whichever way you choose to partake, as the creator of this work, I hope you enjoy the journey.

October’s November can be found in print as a paperback here: October’s November Paperback by James Loram
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Orange County Karaoke Friday Nights! Yorba Linda, North OC

Karaoke, OC Karaoke, Orange County Karaoke, Karaoke Yorba Linda

  • Everyone gets to sing!

  • No “Featured Performers”

  • Sing 3 to 5 songs or more!

  • It’s the FUNNEST karaoke night around.

Live, free, fun karaoke in Orange County.  Host Jimmy Loram makes sure everyone who wants to sing gets to sing.  All styles, all genres!  21 and over.  9pm to 12.  Yorba Cantina, 23741 La Palma Ave, Yorba Linda, CA 92887 (714) 692-7777

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Why Can’t We Watch Everything Online?

watch espn blocked, watch espn restrictedOkay, it’s time for me to rant!  As I sat waiting for my precious little 5 foot 9 rhythmic gymnast to finish practicing, I decided to, uh–watch her, of course! But…also…I thought I’d pop open my WatchESPN app because Monday Night Football was on.  As I went to click on the game I noticed a “device restricted” label next to the game listing.  And, of course, my device was one of the restricted ones!   Thanks, ESPN.

That got me wondering; why can’t we watch everything online?  It makes no logical sense for a network to block people from watching their programming, whether it’s on a TV or on a tablet.  Here are a couple of reasons why all channels should get their content online.

We can’t fast forward through commercials

If I’m watching U-verse TV, you can bet I’m going to either pause whatever I’m watching for 20 minutes or hit record and watch it later so I can fast forward through the commercials.  I find when I watch a football game that I’ve recorded, I can get through it in 60 minutes by cruising through all the down time and the ads.  Hockey takes a little longer because there’s constant action so I can’t convince myself to fast forward through most of that AWESOMENESS.  Not a lot of dead time, eh?

But when I tap open Fox-Go or WatchESPN, I’m stuck watching every bit of it.  It’s like the golden age of television, but hi-tech.  So, wouldn’t it make sense to allow us to watch these programs that force us to watch the advertisements?  Hellooo?!?  Don’t you think advertisers would prefer this over being completely ignored and sped through?  Makes complete sense to me!

restricted access

Advertisers get more eyeballs

Not only do viewers have to sit through their commercials, more of us would be doing it.  There is a huge percentage of people who don’t pay for cable and get most of our entertainment online.  By not allowing people to watch, networks are restricting the number of people watching their paying clients ads.  If I was advertising on ESPN, I’d be like, “Yo, man! Let everyone watch!!!”  Again, hellooo…

The network gets more eyeballs, too

If the networks don’t care what the advertisers (you know, the companies that pay all of the network salaries!) want, they should still want to broadcast over the internet to grow their audience.  Instead of restricting themselves to an area, country, or continent, by putting their stuff online and on phones via websites and apps, they are now broadcasting the the freaking world.   Billions of people just waiting to see who scores next–whether it’s on a sports field or in a bedroom drama.

Also, there are many shows that I never would have watched if they weren’t currently on Netflix.  Ease of access has made me a fan of The Blacklist, Doctor Who, and more…and now, I’m recording them on my DVR.  Congrats, networks, you just gained one new viewer because you made your content easily accessible.  Hello.  Nice to make your acquaintance.

It’s time to go from broadcast to worldwide

These three reasons should be enough to motivate networks and advertisers to open the floodgates and get their content on computer screens.  It’s time broadcast networks REALLY go “broad” and quadruple their customers!

Do you agree?  If so, share it!  http://jimmyloram.com/why-cant-we-watch-everything-online

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It’s Going To Be A Snoopy Christmas!!!

Many of my friends know that I love Snoopy so you can only imagine my elation that there’s a new Peanuts movie coming out next year!  If you’re wondering what THAT is all about, check out the trailer right here!

New Peanuts Trailer, Snoopy Christmas, New Peanuts movie

 Creating My Own Snoopy Christmas Display

For those of you who didn’t catch it, I actually built a Peanuts Snoopy Christmas Display last year.  Here are some pictures from design to finished product:

snoopy christmas display new peanuts movie peanuts christmas 2013-12-01 Snoopy Xmas Display (4) build your own snoopy christmas woodstock and snoopy, snoopy and woodstock Peanuts Snoopy christmas Display

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Jimmy’s A Geek: Best Geek Pictures, Like, Ever 02

Funny Pictures That Are Geek Related & Make Me Geeked


For all you Algebra Haterzzz. 

Alphabet in math, math haters

All right…Stop!  Collaborate and Listen.

ice ice baby, vanilla ice, funny ice ice baby


Hey, they can tease us, too.  Wait, I’m Japanese…Ahh, I can take it!

baseball, apple pie, Asian


Sorry, but Android RULES!

android vs. apple, 2014 versus 2013s


You know, they COULD be related…Groundhog DNA.

5 dollar bill murray, funny bill murray


You humans are so bizarre!

Aliens during holidays, funny aliens


One cannot argue with such simple “Grant logic.”

A pig is a pig, bacon, bacin


I can attest to this.

Asian Aging, Asian aging process


I would certainly be ready for the holidaze with one of these!!!

Adult Advent Calendar, wine advent calendar


Speaking of 25 bottles of wine…seriously, FML…

I Hate Alcohol, oh look alcohol

<back   ~  go forth!>  




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Break Into TV With BITV’s TV Host Training

I recently went off a little about how “famous” people are being given roles as TV hosts even though they have no skills or training in this area of entertainment. The truth is, they could become good–even great–hosts if they simply spent some time learning how to do it professionally. If this is your dream, it is imperative you learn the craft…and yes, TV hosting is a craft, just like acting, singing, and making pulled pork sandwiches.

Reality stars

They’re working as TV hosts…for the love of God, why?

There are some acting schools that have a small off-shoot class that delves into training to be a TV host, but if you’re serious and want this to be your career, you need to go where this profession is the focus: A bonafide hosting school.

With the variety of TV host training schools in the L.A. area, you don’t have to go any further than Glendale where you’ll find BITV.

jonathan novackBreak Into TV

Whether you’re just starting off or you’re a veteran trying to improve further, this is the place to be.  Taught by Jonathan Novack (ABC weatherman, Tennis channel host), the class atmosphere is relaxed and low pressure.  This is critical, since there’s plenty of stress getting up in front of others, a camera, and a professional host/teacher!  There are some teachers and classes out there that are simply HIGH PRESSURE and they push you and, well, kind of make you feel like crap–when you’re just starting out and have no idea yet what to do!  Stay away from those overbearing, stress-inducing classes and teachers!  There’s no need for it.  

In Jonathan’s class, you feel comfortable enough to be yourself, which is critical to be successful as a TV host.  People want to see YOU as YOU, not you as a super-cool, groovy, hip, rock star MC.  You’ve got the freedom to mess up, get constructive criticism, try again, and improve.  

Jimmy Practices Teleprompter & Ad-Libbing

 Another aspect of BITV’s training is the breadth and depth of what’s covered!  Many classes out there focus about 90% on “entertainment hosting” and “red carpet celebrities hosting” and the like.  Jonathan covers all of that, too, but brings in news casting, weather reporting, game show hosting, QVC-type hosting and selling, even car chases!  If you’re not sure what area of hosting you want to be in, you will discover it in this class.

Many classes out there are also so quick to “brand” you, give you your “niche” before you’ve had time to explore who you are as a stand up host and where you want to be as a career.  There’s no pressure to “pick a genre!” in this class.  Just be yourself, listen to the other students suggestions, and especially take Novack’s direction.  He has done more for my career in the 6 months I’ve known him than anyone else in the past 10 years.  

Finally, this is a full service hosting hub.  You can get your reel made there (an amazing reel…have you seen mine?  lol!), be referred to inexpensive head shot photographers, get your resume worked on, learn how to pitch a TV show, even learn Final Cut Pro to keep your reel up to date. 

So, yes, I’m biased a bit, but it’s a grounded bias.  It’s based on years of taking classes elsewhere, then finding this class, finding myself, and learning what it truly feels like to advance and become the host you’ve always wanted to be.

You can give the class a shot by visiting http://breakintotv.net and signing up for a month of classes.  If you’ve never tried hosting, take the boot camp.  You end up with a professionally made mini-reel by the time you’re done! 

hello kitty bag

Call it my “Hello Jimmy” bag

Good luck and keep pushing!

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Free Teleprompter Software Online For Practice As A TV Host


The World of the Teleprompter

Welcome to the amazing world of the teleprompter!  Well, it’s not really that amazing, but if you have ever worked with one, as a TV host, you not only find it amazing, you practically LOVE it.  It will become your new best friend if you’re doing any kind of TV hosting or presenting.  

It’s not as easy as reading the words either.  It takes a while to get used to using a teleprompter so you sound like you’ve actually memorized the copy or sound like you’re just telling the viewers information you’ve known all along–because you’re a freaking genius.  

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a little video that should  explain everything.  


I added a few teleprompter tips, such as using emphasis.  You don’t want to sound like you’re “reading” but like you’re telling a friend whatever the text is saying.  I also added an [AD LIB] which was a little joke at the end that came off the top of my head.

Now, I wonder…have you ever worked with a teleprompter?  Do you want to get to working with a teleprompter?  You don’t have to rent out Jimmy Kimmel’s studio to practice.  You have many options–and some are free–to practice working.

Free Teleprompter Software

One way to go is to search for free software that you can install onto your computer.  There are professional programs out there that cost anywhere from $50 to $500, but you don’t need to go there, unless you are planning on opening your own TV studio!  If so, my number is…

There are a lot of free options for you but one of the best is http://www.freetelepromptersoftware.com/.  Clean, easy to use, and there are no pop up ads, trial periods, or anything.  Lots of options for you to choose from.

Free Online Teleprompter

One of the best ways to practice your teleprompter skill is to find a free teleprompter that runs online.  That’s what I used in the video up there.  If all you’re doing is practicing, you probably don’t need to bother with downloading a huge program and installing it onto your computer.  Simply copy and paste your text into their window, hit start, and voila!  You’re running a teleprompter practice!

Here’s the link to the prompter I used above:  http://www.easyprompter.com/.  They even have a program you can download if you’re interested.

Although teleprompter is a valuable skill to master, you won’t have one at an audition, so don’t expect one.  Memorize your sides.  Practice them on camera.  Make sure you’re interesting.

And if they happen to have a teleprompter anyway, even better for you!


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Jimmy’s A Geek: Best Geek Pictures, Like, Ever


Funny Pictures That Are Geek Related & Make Me Geeked

This is gonna be a running post…i.e. a post that keeps going and going and going…lest I doubt we’ll be seeing any Energizer Bunny pictures.  Still, you never know.


I laughed until I cried at this scene. 

Perfect Date, TV Host Jimmy Loram

So wrong…it’s right.

Star Wars #1 Fan T Shirt, star wars number one fan, star wars number 1 fan shirt


Best show ever…and best ship ever, too.

Serenity, Firefly, Nathan Fillion


This pic took me back to my beginning days of gaming.  Har har!

funny dead link picture


Do you know html?  Well, you kind of do now!

funny geek picture, funny html picture


At least you know his music will be clean…

funny dj pictures, funny pics, funny photos


It’s so simple, yet this is the funniest pic I’ve seen in a long time.

Quote from man stabbedgo forth!>


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Sci Fi Wallpaper For My Laptop


I’m GEEKY and I know it!

See here, fellow sci-fi fans!  I recently had to reinstall everything on my entire studio xps hard drive.  Did you know it takes Windows 7 FOREVER to load?  I mean, we are talking around 12 minutes here.  Seriously, it was closer to two hours.  That freed me up to have a little fun yesterday.  

I got tired of looking at the 4 paneled, multi-colored Windows logo on my desktop.  I decided to take logos from my favorite sci-fi TV and movie franchises and create my very own desktop wallpaper.  You’re welcome to download it and use it!  If you do, you will live long and prosper even as the skitters use the force to stay shiny ahead of the Observers to kill you.  I told you.  Geek.

firefly wallpaper, serenity wallpaper, Sci Fi Desktop Wallpaper, star trek wallpaper, star wars wallpaper, fringe wallpaper,

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